Friday, December 12, 2008

Trying To Understand

how folks get excited about another muthafucka's come up. I've literally seen/heard people plan their futures around some shit somebody else has going on. It's mind blowing. I mean, talking about quitting jobs, and flying out, and dream cars and shit. Off somebody else's shit. You serious?

Regardless of what's going on in this house, I don't want NOBODY counting my dollars and planning ways to spend them. Not cool. I wouldn't give anyone a free ride around here. Not even the child. Everybody gotta work for they shit. You want something out of it, you damn well had better put something in.

I've heard/seen people drawing up blueprints to their house they are going to build once so and so get out the hood, pick out diamonds and pearls and shit, question whether or not they can claim their -potential soon to be rich child that's actually an adult- on their taxes. All kind of crazy shit.

I can strike oil tomorrow and there would be NO handouts. And you damn sure would have to be doing something for yourself already. I wish a nigga would quit their job with the assumption that they will freeload off of me. A lie. And I don't care who it is. My own mama wouldn't quit her job. And yours wouldn't either by the way. Lol. But seriously, what is up with that? I hear about it too much.

I remember my friend getting excited when I was about to finish college and get a job. I was like, WTF you excited for? Yo ass better finish somebody's college and get your own job. I do NOT, absolutely DO NOT help those that aren't doing shit but waitin on me. It can't happen. It won't. My best and greatest advice to you, not you, but you, with your mooching ass, is DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT quit your job. You won't get a new car, nor will you all of a sudden "ball" outta control. Not on my dollar. We in a recession too? Bitch please.


Jia said...


I went to play the lottery in Georgia..and I had folks saying "Girl I hope you hit b/c if you do then...."

And Im thinking to myself...word? LMAO! Right!