Thursday, May 19, 2011

Misery Loves Company

Wait, let's rephrase that....some kind of way. This week, I ran across one of my old coworkers. We were both trying to grab lunch on a busy Tuesday and some kind of way we started talking about the lasagna. Lame, I know. But apparently she eats the cafeteria's lasagna "all the time" and it usually "tastes pretty good." Cool. She sold me. So in the middle of making small talk and waiting on the good ol' cafeteria guy (that's always drunk) to serve us, she mentions something about she doesn't cook. Well, neither do I, but I'm not married. And my child isn't generally hungry when we get home. Not "whip me up a meal" hungry. I digress. Anywhoo, when I worked with this lady two years ago, she was married, and had been for over 20 years. So it struck me strange for her to say she didn't cook. I cluelessly asked, "What do y'all eat?" and this is when the shit hit the fan....she looked at me dumbfounded, as if I was supposed to automatically know something, and said "Who? It's just me. I don't have a husband."


I was completely thrown off guard and said the dumbest shit that I could have possibly said. "Gguuuurrrrlll, we should have had a partay!!!!!" Welp. She looked at me crazy and said she didn't want to party. Well excusethafuckoutta me for thinking everyone is happy about their newfound freedom. It didn't dawn on me until that moment that not everyone wants to be divorced. I'm always trying to slap somebody damn five when they get out of situations they don't need to be in. Not thinking that maybe they were the servee of the papers versus the server. I'm so oblivious to the things other people go through in their relationships sometimes. I mean seriously, how foolish of me to just assume the woman wanted to celebrate. I felt like a mortal kombat idiot. To the tenth power.

I apologized. I had to. I didn't just apologize (bc it took me a minute to get my foot out of my mouth), I almost ran her down after she paid for her food so I could say sorry. I even gave her a hug. How dare I!! Me!!! Telling this woman she should have partied with me when her husband left her for a younger they say..... That's neither here nor there, I'll react differently next time I hear of someone's tragedy. Damn.