Friday, October 31, 2008

How Much Longer

until I get my buzz? I have had the worst headache, like all freakin' day! It's probably my sinuses. Nevertheless, I decided I would take my last lorcet (got 'em after giving birth to my little one)........

Now how much damn longer do I have to wait before I start to get sleepy!?! Shit.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It's some ignorant ass ppl in the world..............

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Steve Urkel

Okay, so Jaleel White is hosting this "Family Matters" deal on Nickelodeon for the week. Why is he so attractive to me? Is it because of what he looked like as Urkel? Shit, whatever it is.....he ain't half bad. lame is that!?!

I Guess It's True

...when they say one muthafucka can mess it up for everybody.

Speaking from my own personal experience, I had a little day of reflection not too long ago. I thought back to the time in my life where I was having to mend a broken heart. It was my first TRUE relationship, the guy I honestly thought I'd spend the rest of my life with. Five years of my prime I spent with "him", anticipating wedding bells, picket fences and know, the "American Dream", when in one phone call, it all changed.

He was the one that I would do anything for. Anything. I had very "wife-like" characteristics in that relationship. I wanted to be domestic. I wanted our relationship to work. I wanted to "fix" it. I was forgiving. You know, all the shit that you are when you have NO damn sense. And I wouldn't honestly say I didn't have sense (totally), it was just one of those things.

I had never been so patient before in my life.....ever. After that relationship ended, I got a good whiff of Beyonce's Me, Myself, and I, then decided that it would be that way from that point on.
My patience is almost non-existent now. From the endpoint of that relationship to present, I have not loved the same.

It shouldn't be that way, but what can I say? It is very hard to give someone your all, only for it to be in vain. Why should I be expected to keep loving hard, in hopes that there will be one guy that will truly honor and cherish me? I feel bad for my husband because I know that I'm capable of loving a lot harder than I do. Atleast I used to be. I wish my husband could have met "me" before the broken heart. He'd be impressed. I guess as long as he loves me with guards up, I have no reason to let them down.....right?!?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Miss the Days When.....

working more than 2 days out of the week was too much.

the major downfall to having sex was getting pregnant, not HIV.

relationships were simple.

being a whore only meant you had given your boyfriend head.

gas was $1.00/gallon.

milk was $2.00/gallon.

my clothes size was still a single digit number.

Friday nights consisted of football or basketball games, and hanging out afterwards.

I had no idea what debt was.

I could give a shit about planning for retirement.

I could stay up all night and be fully functioning the next day.

whoppers were $0.99.

owning a designer purse automatically deemed you "tha shit".

my grandparents were alive and well.

turning 18 was my next biggest thing to do.

I didn't have to pay for insurance.

going to the fair was actually fun.

I could hold my liquor.

I could afford to lose focus for a slight second.

having $2,000 saved was a big damn deal.

life was easy........

Welcome to adulthood, huh?

Gotta embrace that shit!