Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Well, I'll be...

A damn monkey's uncle. As if I don't have enough shit to be doing, I decide to get my country ass on blogger tonight. I have entirely too many updates to even attempt to get it all in tonight. And what sucks the most is if I don't blog about shit immediately, it kind of seems pointless months later.

Let's do a brief update, then I'll make an attempt to be a regular on this page again. So, first things first, my friend...the one I started dating nearly a year ago...the one I thought was so perfect for me? FAIL. We didn't make it. The good news is...I'm not angry. Also, we're still friends. So.....yea, whatever. I'm back on the market.

Secondly, my child's father has managed to father another child. Now that poor soul that was "smart" (read "dumb") enough to actually let him impregnate her, AND keep the child...well... Not that I'd push for an abortion with anyone's child, I'm just saying. While we were married, I made him use condoms, I was on the pill, AND a couple of times I bought a plan B just to make sure. Not to mention he's behind on child support. I can't with him...I just can't. He is supposed to start working a real job. Yea...I guess it took another child and being damn near too broke to put food in his mouth, or gas in his car for him to realize it. Anywho, the deets of my life's drama will be unfolding before your eyes. Not to mention, I've decided to go back to school. So yea, this is gonna be an interesting year...I look forward to dishing my dirt in a public forum again. I've missed it!!!