Monday, July 14, 2008

Get the Fuck Outta Here!

Man, I almost can't believe this shit, take that back. Yes I can.

A "friend" of mine, you may know her as "Jen", called me the other day. It had been a couple of weeks since the last conversation. The last time we talked, she had a job. She was supposed to start on Saturday. Fast forward two weeks, we talk. I ask her how's work going. Her reply, "It's not."....huh? So I asked again. Same answer. She then goes on to tell me how she couldn't do it...

yada, yada, ya......and then those words....."I mean, call me crazy, but I just can't settle for no anything!" WHAT!!!!????

Okay, so this is my question. What the hell you mean you ain't gon' just settle? Bitch, you don't have a job. And not only that, you don't have a degree. Your work ethics suck. You suck. Your attitude sucks.....must I go on? I said all that to say this, what qualities do you possess that will have companies knocking down your door? Why would employers flood your voicemail begging you to call them? Your ass been fired from almost every job you've ever had, starting way back in damn high school, and you got the audacity to say some shit like you ain't settling!? Gimme a freakin break. Don't you understand that it would be the company that's settling. Not you. You ain't got shit to offer any"damn"body but damn call ins and a nasty attitude.

I can't stand a mofo that ain't got shit to be picky. You better take what you can get and make it work. Hell!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Rush Hour?

Okay, can somebody please explain to me what the big deal is about rushing into marriage?

Weddings are supposed to be exciting. When I find out someone I know is engaged, I want to be happy for them. Why is it right now, at this very moment, I'm not. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not angry, but....I'm just like whhhyyyyyyy!!!!???

Some may say it's easy for me to say, being that I'm married and all. I disagree. I haven't been married a super long time, and it's not like being married exempts you from bullshit. It doesn't.
I'm sure we all know somebody that's married and going through some unnecessary stuff.

Why do ppl think that marriage is the answer? Man cheating? Marry him. Man stay out all night? Marry him. Man kicking your ass? Marry him. And the list goes on. Everybody wants to find out for themselves. Marriage is NOT the answer, especially if you're contemplating marrying a fool!

When I reflect on my decision to marry my husband, it was because I had seen it all, and even done it if I felt froggy enough. He was the man in my life that was not replaceable. Of course this was around the time Beyonce released that hit Irreplaceable. Gosh I'm glad Ne-Yo got the urge to pen that one. A true classic! Anyway, he was the one though. I hadn't met anyone like him. This was the reason he was my "it". Now if all these ppl feel this way about their significant others, it's totally understandable. My thing is why do the chicks know they are with fools, and feel the need to "make it official" as Lil' Mo said. Why!

What the hell is marriage going to do besides legally bind these chicks with fools? That shit is not that serious. If my husband were treating me like shit, beating my ass, cheating, etc. before the wedding, you could bet your bottom damn dollar there wouldn't have ever been one. Screw that!

Anyway, guess I could just go on and wish the couples luck. Maybe they really are meant to be....