Saturday, August 23, 2008

Truth Is.....

1. I'm not always as nice as I appear to be.

2. I don't really like people as much as they think.

3. I don't have a shit load of friends.

4. That's probably because of #2.

5. I love legs.

6. I don't truly know what a whore is. Seriously. Is it based solely on the number of sexual partners?

7. I almost did something stupid.....

8. Like bought another car.......

9. I don't believe gas prices are truly going down.

10. People are nosey.

11. Some people don't think past their nose.....

12. I probably don't think past mine sometimes.

13. I procrastinate. Way too much.

14. I don't remember much about any past sexual encounter I've had....unless it was horrible.

15. I'm guilty of using someone for sex before.

16. I thought it was funny.

17. He didn't.

18. LMAO....

19. I'm glad about being married to one penis.....

20. I don't know if I'll be sexually active when I turn 80.

21. That's gross.

22. Referring back to the word "whore", I wonder if my cousin is a whore.

23. I told a lie the other day.

24. I don't even know if it was necessary.

25. I didn't lie to my husband though.

26. Why don't people mind their own business?

27. It was a good lie though.....Lol!