Sunday, November 30, 2008

Revelation of a Jumpoff

I know I'm always talking about somebody fucking. Not because I want to, but because a small percent of people I'm associated with are always doing it. They haven't mastered the "mental of fucking", you know, Fucking Without Feelings 101.

I was fortunate enough to figure that shit out early. I started having sex at an early age. Thirteen. I'd say that's way too early for anyone to be having sex, but that's neither here nor there. As I was saying though....the guy that I lost my virginity to was also a virgin, and he happened to be someone that I truly cared a lot about. That's funny thinking from a 13 year old huh? I know right. Good thing is, almost 15 years later, he and I are still close. With limitations of course. Saying that to say, even though I obviously was not old enough to make decisions on who I care for and how much, I don't regret losing my innocence to him.

So it wasn't that experience that taught me that sex does not equate love. It was all the experiences in between. Ninth grade year I wanted to be like a boy. I wanted to get with a guy because he looked like he could do it. I had my first experience then approaching a guy and basically telling him what was up. However, I still ended up liking the guy, only to have him screw my best friend in the end, so......not a good look. So the lesson had to be learned some time after that.

Now fast forward to the reason for this entry. I talked to my friend earlier and found out she hadn't talked to her new friend in over a week. She met him about 3 weeks ago. Probably screwed him within the first week, and one other time before he went MIA.

See, here's the thing. She spent a lot of time analyzing this guy. His potential to be a longterm mate, immaturity, assets, liabilities...all that. And sure enough, he spent a lot of his time not stuttin' her ass. She realized that last week when she noticed that the last time she'd talked to him had been well over 48 hrs. Actually, it was probably the fact that she figured out she was getting the run around when she called his phone. And what grown ass nigga lets his cousin keep his phone anyway?! That's a topic that deserves an entry separate from this one...

So anyway, today I asked her if she'd talked to dude.
Her: No, not since last Saturday girl.
Me: Really? Wow.
Her: I feel like such a whore right now.
Me: People still do that? Seriously, who does that these days?
Her: I don't think it's ever happened to me before.
Me: Well, I think it's happened to me once, but by the time I got done reading that nigga he was trying to for real date me and shit.
Her: Oh well. Fuck him.
Me: Yea, fuck him. Another one bites the dust. He's going to call you. Watch. He's going to call with some bullshit. I give him 2 weeks. That muthafucka gon' call you and act like everything is cool.
Her: He ain't got to......

So tonight, I find out that she has indeed talked to this dude. And what did he say? He's been out of town. Now I'm not sure if he called her first, or if she sent him that lame ass-guess I was nothing more than a fuck to you- txt msg. I sure hope he atleast called her before she sent that shit. I wouldn't have texted his ass shit. That kind of shit goes against my code. Now the muthafucka is going to do just enough so that she doesn't think she's one of his jumpoffs, and she's going to fall for it.

And we're back to square one....why don't these folks learn something from me.


Jia said...

This entry compliments my vlog, You'z a Jumpoff PERFECTLY!

Honey, I'm like you...I started having sex at an early age. The guy that I lost my virginity to...we're still cordial but I didn't care one way or the other whether he 'wanted me' or not. I just wanted to see what the big deal was about sex. After him, I didn't have sex many times. After I hit my late teens/early 20s, I started catching feelings for men that I was having sex with, only to find that just as easily as I caught feelings for the fucker, they were on the to next chick like what we 'did' had never happened.

That had to stop, IMMEDIATELY!

And even though several won't agree with the chick that I am today, I don't give a fuck b/c bottom line, no guy has control over my emotions. Just b/c you dick me down something serious doesn't mean I'm going to fawn over your ass. It's not happening. I love sex just like the next..but as you said, it's a TRUE penal code violation to let some dude get up in your head b/c he laid the pipe right.

I tell folks all the time...learn early and QUICKLY how to separate your pussy from your heart. There is no magic valve that connects the two, so why bother associating one with the other on general purposes?

Great blog entry, as usual! I always look forward to your ish! You need to get a subscribe button your shit...but then again, nevermind. It's always a big surprise when I come to your blog and its like "Ooooh she posted another blog!!" LMAOOOO

Misunderstood said...

The world would be a better place if less ladies connected the two.

I'm still trying to figure this blog shit out. I don't know how to do the subscribe thing. Hook a sista up with all that blog knowledge you got! Lol!