Friday, November 28, 2008

Breaking Up

Is hard to do? Is it? Really?

Well, I guess that depends on your role. Dumper or Dumpee? I was thinking about break-ups because a little earlier I had a conversation with someone who's attempting to go through it. All of those feelings. Wondering if you're doing the right thing. If the other person's doing the right thing. Will the other person regret leaving? What will the family say? How long before karma strikes.....whooo? That's too much shit to be thinking about. Why can't we just get over it?Immediately. Oh, I guess it's because love doesn't work that way. Yea, that's what it is. I remember now.

Ain't nothing like a blindsided break-up to get your blood flowing. I remember mine like it was yesterday. Kind of. Shit, I know I was caught completely off guard. Just a couple months prior, we were talking about getting married, and all of a sudden "we been having problems". Well, it really is nothing like having some "problems" that you don't know shit about. Anyway, after 5 years of ups, downs, ins, and outs, I found myself having to start over. My friend had always told me to "keep an ace in the hole" for times like this, but I didn't listen.

I did however meet an interesting guy less than 24 hours later. He was a nice distraction while it lasted. Oh, and let's not forget me and the mall becoming best friends. I got a new wardrobe, new perfume, and new makeup. Hell, I don't even wear makeup, but it sure felt good buying it.

I spent the next several months post breakup studying, dating, more shopping, and getting to know me. Those were really good times. And just to think, that ex boyfriend of mine had had the audacity to ask me "What would you do if we broke up?" Nigga please. "Move on.", and that's exactly what I did. Son of a bitch. Who the hell did he have me confused with?!


Jia said...

I wanna know what kinda cocky ass question was that? I mean..'what would you do if we broke up?'

Eh, I and breathe? Those seem like viable options these days. that mufucka and tell him JIA said have a seat!

Misunderstood said...

Girl that's the same thing I was thinking when he said that shit. I mean seriously. He had me fucked up!