Saturday, March 5, 2011

What's That Ya Say?

The grass wasn't so green on the other side? Well duh. I could have told him it wouldn't be. And as in "he", I mean my child's dad. I know I've mentioned the fact that he's been hinting around at trying to get back with me. Apparently that PYT he was chasing last year isn't all he cracked her up to be. Worse off than him I hear. Which sucks. I know her car got repo'd, she's not working, and according to him, her folks are crazy. Bwwwwaaaaaaahhhhahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

It's not funny. Well, it is. But it's not nice of me to laugh. So I just had to have a twenty something minute long conversation with this fool about why he and I would never work. I have to go through the whole spiel about him missing me and changing and shit. Well, what the hell ever, I'm not hearing it. I find it so hilarious that people forget the way they once felt, as if they will never feel that way again, or as if the way they felt had nothing to do with other issues. I tried my best to explain to this clown that our issues went way deeper than him not having a real job. He agreed a couple of years ago, now he acts as if he is somebody totally different. Truth be told, if he and I had had a more solid friendship within our relationship, we probably would have survived that storm. But for me, I was thinking, "dude, you can't possibly have this many negatives and be tripping. And damn sure not trying to cheat! GTFOH!" When I'm a ride or die chick for my guy, I'm really ride or die. The first fool that I fell in love with could have probably gotten away with working the front counter and Burger King, and it wouldn't have mattered. I would have let him use the car to work the late shift. I would have texted him and told him to bring me a whopper with cheese home. That kind of shit. I would have loved his dirty draws. Seriously. I never had that kind of love for the baby's dad. Never. So...sorry.

What can I say? If it's the not there, it's just not. Nothing I can do to change that. Nothing he can do either. It's just one of those things. Too bad, so sad. Anyway, I hope he finds another chick to take his mind off the possibility of us ever getting back together. And soon. Trying to explain shit to him that I've already explained is almost draining. What a marriage that would have been, had it lasted longer than 1.9 years. Ha!! Thank the Lawd for deliverance!