Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hot Potato

I wanted to drop her like one. A hot potato. HAHAHAHA!!! I'm serious though. I have a friend. And I use this term lightly, but we've been "friends" since 7th grade. Not on purpose, mind you. As a matter of fact, she didn't even like me at first. And I didn't do a damn thing to her ass.

Anyway, we never hung out with the same people. Ever. And honestly, we don't have a ton of stuff in common. Of course we probably could have had similar experiences at some point in time, but what teenagers don't? Doesn't mean we are one in the same.

Anyway, up to the point of why I'm just about sick of her and her attitude...about 6 months ago, I took a trip with one of my besties. This wench got mad and threw a fit, telling me how I never invite her to go I'm planning a trip soon, with the same friend. I called my "friend" to see how she was doing, and this bitch has a 'tude (AGAIN) about the trip. Telling me how I never invite her to go, I want your "Debbie downer" ass traveling cross country with me....NOT!!! Is she crazy!!??! Gotta be.

So after that last phone conversation, I decided that I was done. I don't have time for the drama every single time I talk to her. Questioning why she wasn't invited some damn where. And then she's the one that never has any money anyway. Hell NO!! Not coming. Not allowed. Not invited. Period. Well, I have you know this broad called me a couple of days ago acting like she had some sense. I don't care. I'm still not calling her anymore. If she wants to talk to me, she's going to have to call me. I'm sick of it.....


Anonymous said...

I honestly thought you were about 12 until I read the post where you mention your child's dad.

Now I don't know what to think.

Just saying.

Misunderstood said...

Actually, I just turned 14 last week. So you were close. o_O

GyderRivendare said...

I do love the hot potato pun.

And I level with you on the. Your 'friend' needs to stop being such a bitch.

When I read the part about the baby, I thought you were at least 16.
I applaud you for having the baby, I know a few young mothers and to me they're very inspiring people.