Monday, June 6, 2011


My child's father is forever NEVER giving up. I have no desire to entertain the thought of us getting back together. Aside from the fact that he and I are NOT compatible, he's still broke. And not that money makes a difference, wait. It does. But he and I just wouldn't work. I can't get him to understand that prior to us getting divorced, we were all wrong for each other.

I love the way people create stories in their minds about events that happened. He has totally rearranged his last night as a resident in this house. He specifically told me he didn't see anything wrong with the way he had been handling things, so I specifically told him that us trying to work on the marriage was pointless.

I can't take the madness. Every couple of days, I have to tell him that we aren't going to work. And I'm certain that if his relationship with the new baby's mama were okay, he wouldn't be thinking about any kind of reconciliation with me. He has lost his mind. I sincerely hope he finds it. I have nothing for him. I haven't made it a habit to go back. This works for me. Others, not so much. Lawd I hope he and that girl get it together so he can stop with the wishful thinking. I'm over it.